The Autotimelapse platform system provides storage space, timelapse image analysis, and a range of features for customers to easily track and update project progress anywhere across diverse App/Web platforms


Visual information ecosystem for construction projects

Automatic image capture

Keep real-time updates of the construction site 24/7, enabling live monitoring of progress from anywhere at any time

Online video rendering

The Autotimelapse system supports users in rendering online timelapse videos, allowing customization of construction period and video quality

Compare tool

The image comparison feature aids contractors in visually assessing projects, tracking changes in the current state of the construction site

X-ray tool

The tool allows detailed viewing of each construction site position at different time intervals

Drone Timelapse

Autotimelapse utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles to generate timelapse videos for the purpose of periodically monitoring the construction progress


Auto Timelapse enables users to conveniently share project data with partners and clients in real-time through links or QR codes

Automatic timelapse videos

Autotimelapse generates monthly timelapse video reports, offering a comprehensive, dynamic perspective on the scale and progression of the construction project


Autotimelapse employs specialized cameras with resolutions ranging from 16 to 24 megapixels, enabling customers to effortlessly zoom in on project details with clarity and sharpness


Online image filtering based on specific timeframes; Image downloading; Image comparison for visual project assessment


Autotimelapse utilizes VR360 technology to survey and determine the optimal installation angles for clients' machinery

Environmental monitoring

Autotimelapse continuously tracks environmental metrics to provide regular reports to clients regarding the weather conditions throughout the construction process

Unlimited storage

Auto Timelapse offers unlimited storage, catering to projects extending over 5 or 10 years