How to have an impressive construction timelapse movie on Autotimelapse

Timelapse recording technique is applied in many different fields, including construction and construction. Recently, Auto Timelapse received a lot of questions regarding how to get a beautiful and impressive construction timelapse movie. In this article, Auto Timelapse would like to share with readers how to filter out a lively and attractive timelapse video. 

What is a timelapse movie?

Surely we have come across fast-forward movies of the sunrise, the process of a sprout growing or the moment of blooming of a flower. Those are all applications of the timelapse shooting technique. So what is timelapse? 

Autotimelapse defines timelapse as a technique of taking evenly spaced photos, and then stitching them together with a higher frequency than usual in the frame. Video composites from many different timelapse photos will show viewers the slow motion of time that the naked eye cannot witness. 

How to create beautiful timelapse videos on Autotimelapse system

On the software system of Auto Timelapse, the image data of the projects will be displayed fully and clearly. The following is a guide to filter timelapse videos for any project on the Autotimelapse system.

Click Login in the upper right corner of the interface to access the Auto Timelapse system
Select the Timelapse item
Choose the camera angle to filter timelapse movies of construction works
Click Filter video option to filter timelapse movies
Customize time date year and time to filter timelapse video
Timelapse video on demand will be available in about a minute

Autotimelapse service

Auto Timelapse is a unit that provides a fully automatic construction progress tracking solution along with a very professional data display, storage and processing platform system. 

The outstanding advantages of the Auto Timelapse device are:

  • Capture high-quality Time-lapse with professional-looking 4K-6K images
  • Archive the process of project formation and development as a communication tool
  • Monitor and update online status, performance and environmental factors
  • Smart touch capture device, durable under all outdoor harsh conditions

Readers who are interested in Auto Timelapse service packages, please contact hotline (+84) 886.885.808 or email for the most detailed advice. 

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